Mike Seguin

-- Programmer, Level / Game Designer


[email protected] | (905) 809 9089

The Blacklist: Conspiracy

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows 8
Genre: Hidden Object Game
Studio: Gameloft Entertainment Toronto
Players: 1 Player Only
Engine: Proprietary Engine

On this project, I served as one of the three Flash Scripters. My main job was integration of UI assets and architecting the functionality of various menus and minigames. I was particularly responsible for the Lock Pick microgame, New Scene/Character Unlocked, Phone Dialogue, and 'One of These Things' minigame implementation. By the time the project shipped I had worked in some capacity on all of the systems--including dialogue, popups, other minigames, and the Action Phase UI.

Fun fact: A character in the game is based on my appearance!