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-- Programmer, Level / Game Designer

Level Design Archive

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"Framed gracefully against the night sky, the warm interior of this Baroque-era cathedral beckons softly to those in need of faith."

Symmetrical Deathmatch map, 6-8 players, UDK

Level Design/Lighting Lead: Mike Seguin

Modelling Lead: Mishal Alam

Texturing Lead: Kevon Lopez

'Cathedral' presented a great opportunity to create a map that harkens back to a point in history. Our three-man team decided to do Baroque Italy.

I was responsible for primarly the Level Design; which included creating the final floorplan with input from my two group mates, and final asset assembly inside UDK. I was also responsible for the Lighting, ensuring the level was properly lit to match atmosphere and setting.


"Set against the Idyllic backdrop of British Columbia, this wind turbine farm promotes it's Green Energy production with plenty of local flora."

Asymmetrical Deathmatch Map, 8-12 players, UDK

With this project, I had to develop a map meant for larger team games. I opted for an asymmetric level; deciding to go with the theme of Windmills. Using soft lighting and color palette, I brought about a sense of peacefulness and tranquility, to stand foil to the FPS carnage the map was built for.


'Millenia of neglect has left this once-pristine work of art in a sad state of continual decay.'

Symmetrical Arena-style map, 8-12 players, Halo 3 Forge.
All 3D assets, including the game engine, are created and owned by Microsoft, and are used under the assumed use of the Fair Use clause.

With this map, I wanted to try my hand at building something good while under restrictions. This was a great way to practice elements such as memory management, assembly using modular design, and to further broaden my horizons in terms of engines, tool availability, and workflow.

Floorplan Gallery

Here is a gallery of floorplans I've designed for various projects.
  • "Cathedral" 1F
    "Cathedral" 1F
  • "Cathedral" 2F
    "Cathedral" 2F
  • Soul Balance Level 1
    Soul Balance Level 1
  • Sci-Fi Modular Isometric Floorplan
    Sci-Fi Modular Isometric Floorplan
  • "Eden" Floorplan
    "Eden" Floorplan
  • Map idea sketch
    Map idea sketch
  • Map Idea Sketch
    Map Idea Sketch
"Cathedral" 1F
"Cathedral" 1F