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Soul Balance

Platform: PC, Ouya
Genre: Story Driven Turn-Based RPG
Players: 1 Player Only
Engine: Unity 4.3.3

Soul Balance is a turn-based Role Playing Game featuring a focus on storytelling and character building. Soul Balance is about a world where fantasy meets science; where magic meets technology. The game follows the main character, Emily, as she is suddenly cast into a world of danger and confusion as she fights to regain her rightful place on the throne.

The player will fight against enemies as a party of four, as the main character Emily befriends allies. Each character will specialize in one of the four types of combat: Melee, Firearms, Magika, and Soul Tapping. Each combat type offers a unique set of options for customization and skill development.

Airsoft: Puzzle Warfare
Platform: PC -- Adobe Flash
Genre: Puzzle Game
Players: 1 Player Only
Engine: Flash Player 11.7

Airsoft: Puzzle Warfare is a flash-based game where you must complete three puzzles, each more difficult than the last. Race against the clock to complete all three puzzles and get the highest score you can!

To play, just extract the ZIP file and run the SWF!


Soul Balance

Platform: PC

Genre: Fighting Game

Players: 1-4 Players

Engine: Sprite-based custom-written in Flash or C++


Soul Balance is a mix of Science Fiction and Fantasy, where Magic meets Guns. Two to four combatants will fight each other using many moves and abilities to damage their opponents, accumulating enough damage to knock them far enough off the fighting arena to K.O. them. Gameplay is inspired by the Super Smash Brothers series; art is cartoonish with semi-realism.

Cinematics will be motion-comics with verbal dialogue and sound effects.

Plastic Wars

Platform: PC

Genre: First Person Shooter, 3rd Person Action, Real-Time Strategy

Players: 1-8 Players

Engine: Unity, Source, or Unreal


Plastic Wars is a pastiche of modern FPS games, where the player’s character is the center of the game’s universe. Gameplay consists of a mix of FPS and RTS. Set in a world where factions of toys are warring against one another, players assume the role of a Hero character and build up an army of their own. Players actively participate in a battle as they would any other FPS game, and may also issue orders to the units they control. Players build their forces by accumulating credits and purchasing assets from the Hiring/For Sale menu, or by capturing/picking up assets in gamemodes set to ‘For Keeps.’ Units range from small infantry such as green army men, to large vehicles such as tanks and air vehicles. Themes of the units will vary as well, including things like Wild West, Medieval/Fantasy, Alien, and Science Fiction. Units range in rarity and power, usually being directly proportional to each other. Depending on unit type and rarity, they may also have secondary abilities that give them an edge in combat.


The game will have a slightly cartoony art style, without seeming childish. The game is intended to be loud, crude, and a parody/pastiche of modern action movies and games.


Playable Demo (Windows x86)

Project Repository

Minimum Requirements:
Windows XP or higher
Pentium 4 @ 2.6GHz
Radeon HD3000 series equivalent or higher

Full Game Download (SWF)